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Name:Topher Brink
Birthdate:Jan 27
boy god of all things neuro

Last Name: Brink
Race/Sex: C/M
Height: 5'11"
Hair color: Middle blond
Eye color: Blue/brown
Tattoo: NCC1701 on ankle
Handedness: Left
Canon: Dollhouse - TV

First Name: Christopher
Date of Birth: 27/01/81
Weight: 134
Birth State: CA
Age: 29
Skin Tone: Beige
Phobias: Nycto, muso, agora
Point of entry: 2x11, 2010

i didn't want to cause any more pain

If Topher were a flavour, he'd be mint chip with rainbow sprinkles in a sugar cone. That's what he says, anyway. "Genius" is the word he's quite fond of using to describe himself, and he wouldn't be wrong. Indeed he was one of the great minds in his time, though what he did wouldn't really make the front page (unless it went wrong). He's extremely curious and imaginative, loves exploring ideas and figuring things out. He's analytical and doesn't usually get caught up in emotions, though he does have them, hidden under layers of snark and quips (which tend to greatly annoy people). He has complete confidence in his intelligence and programming capabilities, though only in the last year has he realised that his actions have consequences.

Because of him being playful and inappropriately gleeful to the extreme extent that he sometimes seems to view everything as a game, and both people and objects as playthings or puzzles, he's been unkindly described as a sociopath. As Adelle says: "This is not a judgment. You always take very good care of your toys." However, in the last year he has changed so greatly as to abandon his self-serving attitude to risk his life for morality. He quips about being the Tin-Man, who finally got a heart.

Though he's extremely talkative (even in only his own company), he's rather socially inept, with minor Asperger tendencies and authority problems, and fiercely independent. He has difficulty not only reaching out, but also relating to people, sensing their feelings or showing empathy. He doesn't mind being in the spotlight, but he's gotten so used to being lonely that he never strives for popularity (because he's always been clever enough to be needed), in fact he's often quite condescending and insulting, pushing people away. He also doesn't care much about how people see him, which coupled with his playfulness tends to make him come across as extremely childish, with toys and snack littering his office. He often references popular culture, particularly sci-fi, and can be a huge geek at times.

He's a bit agoraphobic and doesn't really like venturing outside his comfort zone, though he's gotten a lot better at this - he's had to since he started working for Romac, which sometimes takes him out in the field. No fighting though, he's rubbish at that. While headstrong and opinionated once his mind is made up, he can be very insecure if he's not sure how to proceed. He keeps most people at arm's length, but he does care quite deeply about those he considers close, even if he doesn't show it well. He's learnt to open up some, but he's also been betrayed, and has lost loved ones, which has left him a bit hardened and not quite so naive. It didn't do wonders for his emotional stability either. It takes him a long time to open up to someone and let down his guard. And of course they first have to put up with him long enough to see that there's quite a lot of good in him too.

bring about the thoughtpocalypse

White, male, about 5'11". Boyish and geeky, though fairy attractive, with blue eyes, and thick, dirty-blonde hair that usually does its own thing. His personal grooming involves occasionally showering and shaving, not much else. His physique is a point of pride though, but he usually covers it up with layers of cotton-poly blends. Lots of sweater-vests, going for practicality and comfort rather than style. (I actually have a full list, with pictures, of his clothes.) He has a young and very expressive face (which is not very good at hiding emotion), and is prone to wide gestures and talking with his hands a lot. He's fairly relaxed and confident in demeanor, though if he's outside his comfort zone he'll get rather fiddly and tense. He also has a Star Trek tattoo (saying 'NCC1701') on his ankle. When he's out and about, he usually carries a backpack. On his right wrist, he wears a bracelet reading "kill your idols".

Very high retention abilities (i.e. very good memory). Genius, IQ of at least 140. PhD in neurology and cognitive sciences. Extensive knowledge about modern technology, electronics, programming. An expert in lateral thinking. Somewhat ambidextrous (left-hand-dominant).

Dream manipulation: He can fall asleep or wake up at any given time by his choosing. While asleep, he may freely enter the dreams of others, regardless of whether they have entered rift-induced dreamstate first, though they do need to be already asleep, and he can't stop them from waking up. People with above human psychic/mental abilities may block him out, or even trap him within their mind and stop him from waking up himself. While in dreams, he holds some amount of control over the dream reality and may alter it. (Less so in a shared rift-induced dream, though.) What he does in the dream world may also have consequences for the real world, mostly over the sleeping person's body, but this is particularly difficult and exhausting for him. Healing or harming someone's emotional/mental state is easier, as he is within their mind.

kill your idols

Beware spoilers.
Topher's born and raised in LA, got his PhD at only 17, and has been working for the Rossum corporation since he was 18. He didn't invent the technology for imprinting - programming people with new memories and personalities - but he helped develop it, and is largely responsible for how effective became. At 22 (2003) he joined the L.A. Dollhouse as head programmer, significantly improving their technology. In late 2008, several of Topher's co-workers were brutally murdered right in front of him because of a technological anomaly, which planted the seeds of his moral awakening. During this time and increasingly later, his boss, Adelle DeWitt, acted almost as a mother figure for him.

For several months Topher was put in charge of R&D, and he figured out how to make a portable device that could wipe and imprint anyone in just a few seconds. Frightened by his discoveries he kept it hidden, but was betrayed and Rossum got hold of his schematics. During this time he finally got to meet the head programmer of the D.C. Dollhouse, Bennett Halverson, whom he instantly hit it off with, as they'd been fans of each other's work for a long time. There were quite a few bumps in the road due to conflicting interests, but eventually they kissed, and Topher admitted that he's in love with her, that he'd had a crush on her for ages.

They all took up the fight against Rossum, to stop what apocalyptic effect the imprinting technology could have on the world, and Topher himself wiped (and effectively killed) the founder. They destroyed the tech, and returned to L.A. It was shortly after this that Topher fell through the Rift. He carries a fair amount of guilt for things that happened, and doesn't really talk much about his old life.

He woke up in San Francisco, and was quickly found and recruited by Romac. It didn't take them long to realise his potential. Topher was wary, given his experience with dubious organisations starting with "Ro", but was eventually convinced that the work they were doing was good, protecting the world. However, he doesn't always agree with their methods, and still makes sure to keep a close eye on what's going on. He regularly hacks the rebels' network, without forwarding the information to Romac. Occasionally he even leaks classified Romac information, when people's safety is at stake. He primarily follows his morals, as far as he's able to, and plays his cards close to his chest.

Topher took upon the new subjects quite eagerly, and quickly became one of the resident Rift experts. (He quite wanted to get away from working with things like imprinting.) He's vastly improved the technology for monitoring and controlling the Rift energy. He's also studied the effect it can have on rifties (including himself). When the rift in New York started acting up more and more, he was relocated there to study it. He's only recently arrived and set up his new apartment/office with the necessary trampoline, Pinball machine, etc.

i know what i know

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Full application. For [community profile] bigapplesauce.
Dollhouse for Dummies. An introduction and glossary.
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Full history and info on the Dollhouse wiki. Spoilers everywhere.
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