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PM: this account
AIM: krharbek
email: krharbek [at]

[Out Of Character]
Backtagging with this character: Sure.
Threadhopping with this character: Usually fine, but please ask first.
Fourthwalling: Go for it.
Canon puncture: Go for it. Topher is very prone to doing this himself, provided I have permission.
Offensive subjects (elaborate): Usually fine, ask if unsure.

[In Character]
Sexual/romantic orientation: Grey-Asexual, biromantic. He experiences sexual attraction very rarely, and falls in love even more rarely.
Hugging this character: Go for it, though he might not hug back.
Flirting with this character: Sure, but he's unlikely to reciprocate.
Giving this character a kiss: Sure, but again, he'll probably push you away.
Something more intimate: Only in relationships.
Relationships: Unlikely, though it might happen. Please discuss with me.
Dub-con/non-con/sexual assault: Please discuss with me.
Fighting with this character: Go for it, but he's a rubbish fighter.
Injuring this character: Go for it, but please discuss if it's severe.
Killing this character: Only if very carefully planned.
Using telepathy/mind reading abilities on this character: Sure, though he's gonna freak the hell out. Feel free to discuss what they might learn.
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The Player
Name/nickname: Krissy
Age: 25
Pronouns: female
Contact: krharbek [at], krharbek on AIM
Experience: Been RPing for about a decade, helped run a few comms. Mostly one-on-one roleplay with occasionally ridiculously long replies.
Currently played characters: N/A

The Character
DW account: [personal profile] brink
Name: Topher Brink
Alias: Topher is technically a nickname, but you'll never hear anyone call him Christopher
Age/Birthdate: 29, born 27/01 1981
Species: Human
Canon: Dollhouse
Canon point: After end of 2x11, 15/3 2010
Played By: Fran Kranz
Power: Dream manipulation
Arrival: 14/10 2012
New birthdate: 7/9 1983

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This is just a list of quirks (for lack of a better word) and things that Topher has, for my own reference, to sort of map things out. Most of these are caused by his autism (or his asexuality, for the first one).

Topher is uncomfortable being thought of as a sexual being or relating to sexual situations. (He also calls erections "man-reactions".) As a doctor and as a programmer for the Dollhouse (where actives were out having sex all the time), he has had to deal with the concept of sex a lot, which is fine - it's when he himself in any way is connected to the concept of sex that he gets uncomfortable.

Topher doesn't like crowds or large open spaces. It's too busy, too intense, too loud, too stressful. He can cope, but he will not relax in such a situation. He can deal better with smaller crowds indoors, but often finds it too distracting in trying to hold a conversation if many people are talking.

Topher doesn't like direct sunlight these days. Usually he could cope better with it, but now it takes up too much energy that he doesn't have. He generally wears sunglasses while outside. Which also helps with...

Topher doesn't like eye-contact. He has however trained himself pretty intently when it comes to this, so it's mostly noticeable when distressed. Hand-shaking may be okay, except for when he's stressed and doesn't want to be touched by people he doesn't trust.

Topher doesn't like to wear too little clothes, except when asleep (but still sleeps with a t-shirt). He likes most of his body to be covered, largely for sensory reasons - both the pressure, and the shielding against unexpected touch - and mostly sticks to cotton-poly blends. He also doesn't like his body (muscles and shapes) to be too distinguishable unless he feels comfortable.

Topher doesn't like complete quiet. He prefers to sleep with the predictable whirr of computers or fans, dulling out other unpredictable/irregular sounds. Quiet lyric-less music can also do the trick.

Topher often helps himself focus by playing with toys, either ones he can squeeze or twist, or that give him weight in his hands. If without these, he will fidget, particularly with his sleeves or his bracelet.

Topher sometimes uses chess to focus his thoughts. The strategy and fixed rules of the game help him form other thoughts. He prefers to have a physical board.

Topher sometimes talks to himself aloud, or taps his fingers, either to block when things are too quiet or too noisy. Sometimes he hums.

Topher has problems expressing himself verbally if he's stressed or tired. His sentences often end up fragmented, or he uses single-word sentences, or he repeats particular phrases.

Topher doesn't like to be interrupted when he's in his process and his mind is in a very specific state to deal with certain tasks. Suddenly switching to communicating without being prepared for it is exhausting.

Topher can be particularly sensitive to smell. He will often soak in a good smell. A bad or too intense smell can be very distracting and even painful. He's good at keeping clean for this reason.

Topher often expends pent-up energy and anxiety by exercising. This has been very helpful for keeping in shape, but tends to make him cranky if he hasn't been eating or resting properly.

Topher is recently pretty bad at self-care, particularly when it comes to feeding himself. He has an acquaintance who checks up on him every other day and makes sure he's eaten, and not just surviving on snacks and juice.

If Topher has experienced sensory overload or meltdown/shutdown (or just general large amounts of stress), the best way for him to recuperate is to be in a safe, private space, with limited sensory input, and no need for verbal communication. He often slips into the Dreaming for this, as he can control exactly how much sensory input and surroundings he gets - though several of his self-care options (exercise, toys, music, particular kinds of mental stimulation like logic problems) don't really have the same effect in there.
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Currently shabbier than usual. His hair's longer and he doesn't shave very often. Thankfully he still doesn't like to feel dirty, so he still showers regularly. His exercise regiment has also taken a little hit, but not as much that it's really noticable -- especially with how much he covers up to begin with. Even now as it's summer, the most you'll see are his forearms.

Because of stuff covered in the other sections, he also has some behavior changes, though these are primarily noticable when you meet him in person, not in the Dreaming. He's gotten more prone to repetitive, self-stimulating movement, such as tapping or playing with objects. He's stopped making eye contact as much. He's also gotten worse at taking social cues.

Uh, here's where it gets interesting. He's had his memories edited a bit, many even removed... Particularly his pre-Rift memories. And a lot of his Adelle memories have been changed to feature Beatrice instead. This has caused him to slide back in certain areas, and develop differently in others.

Most notable would be the spirit of activism. Historically, Topher has generally been driven by discovery and scientific progress, not, well, assuring the rights and freedoms of outsiders such as rifties. This motivation is largely manufactured by Beatrice. And while it may seem altruistic, the methods he's been taught aren't necessarily the most friendly. Perhaps even revolutionary.

People who know him might notice this, as Topher has always been a very curious and creative person, and some of that seems to be missing now, or used in ways they wouldn't imagine previously. He's also done a bit of a moral backslide, on a personal level. His tendency to view people and situations as games has definitely returned.

He still retains interest in learning about the rift, but his main focus now is.. people. Not so much on a personal level, more on a stats level, which usually more includes spying and hacking into romac/rebels databases, and quite often sneaking on people's dreams. And also, their powers, and what the rift has to do with this. He's diving into the whole context of the rift's influence. While also working towards hindering romac/rebels in everything they do.

A side-effect of the change induced in him is also that a lot of the stuff he's worked on when it comes to his autism has become more noticable for onlookers again. His ability to discuss his emotional state is shit, but that hasn't really changed. He's having more trouble with social norms again. His need for routine is increased, and discomfort with going outside has definitely returned.

Since Topher settled in back in December, a lot of changed. He befriended quite a few people, notably Gabriel and the TARDIS (and the Doctor). He was allowed to work on the TARDIS's systems to help adjust her to this universe.

Gabriel also brought Bennett to him, but unfortunately, she disappeared a week later. Then, Gabriel was captured by Romac and Topher had to use up several favours to get him out. Meanwhile, Gabriel was convinced Topher was involved in getting him locked up in the first place. Also, his friend Nepeta was murdered in front of him and kinda also because of him. This was all part of Topher's Not Good Very Bad Week at the end of January.

He dove into work for a good while after this, shunning social interaction, until a whole month later, he sought out the TARDIS for some support and comfort and also opened up to her about his past. After this, he slowly began recuperating.

Come late March, while he was hanging out with Andrew, he suddenly passes out as he gets a mind-visit from Beatrice, who's been trying to recruit him for a little while. She turns his powers against himself, but thankfully Andrew calls the TARDIS and she comes to the rescue.

His troubles don't end there, of course. Gabriel suddenly visits Topher at work, there mostly to fish out information about Romac to enact his revenge on them. When Topher realises what Gabriel's doing, he puts up a fight, and Gabe invades his mind, in the process finding out enough about his past to decide Topher needs to die. And so (after terrorising and abusing him), Gabriel stabs him. Thankfully, he leaves shortly after before finishing the job, so Topher survives.

Less thankfully, Romac suspects Topher of helping Gabriel, so they lock him up in a room for a week where he has nothing but his own mind for company, as he can't even visit the dreaming (which is pretty horrendous when he can't even sleep unconsciously because of his power). And then, at the beginning of April, Beatrice rescues him.

Topher visits the TARDIS in the dreaming long enough to let her know he's still alive, and what Gabriel did. After that, he more or less drops off the radar. Beatrice does her work on him during this period.

He finally resurfaces two weeks into May, when he hosts a dream party (with the help of a power-amplification person) where people feel comfortable sharing their secrets, and he spies on every single conversation. After this, he mostly continues either visiting people in dreams, or finding out stuff about them through technology. He also frequently rescues rifties from nightmares, his own brand of altruism.


Nov. 28th, 2012 12:03 am
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"Does that tie keep you warm? No. No. It's just what grown up men do in our culture. They put a piece of cloth around their necks so they can assert their status, and recognise each other as non-threatening kindred. You wear the tie because it never occurred to you not to. You eat eggs every morning but never at night. You feel excitement and companionship when rich men you've never met put a ball through a net. You feel guilty, maybe a little suspicious, every time you see that salvation army Santa. You look down for at least half a second if a woman leans forward. And your stomach rumbles every time you drive by a big golden arch, even if you weren't hungry before. Everybody's programmed, Boyd."

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View from towerTopher is currently living at the Romac base, on the northern side of the 52nd floor of the tower, with a rather stunning view from his office and apartment. He's made himself rather valuable to Romac, and so he gets to live here. And being able to see the rift center from his home is pretty helpful too, since that's the focus of his work and that's where shit has a tendency to go down.

The apartment itself is not huge, but it's pretty fancy. He's got a nice comfy bedroom (though he doesn't really spend any time there, at least not awake) with attached sparkling bathroom. It's a pretty geeky apartment, though. He's got a life sized storm-trooper, because he jokingly included it in his life of requirements, and they actually gave it to him. Then there's a lounge with a big flatscreen TV and practically every video game console known to man, as well as a massive DVD collection, with a huge couch in front of it. He doesn't get to use it as much though, as he's sort of overworked (mostly by choice). In the same room is the kitchen area, which he doesn't really use much either, except sometimes as a lab. He mostly orders food, since he has no interest or time for cooking. He even orders groceries - though "groceries" mostly means drinks and snacks.

Topher at the computer He spends most of his time (if he's not out by the rift) in his office, at the computer. The computer has multiple screens, running various rift activity surveillance, and one showing security camera outside his office, so he'll know if someone's there to see him. It's a tad cluttered, but clean. Other things in his office includes a couch, a pinball machine, a kitchen corner (with fridge, coffee machine, and cupboards for snacks), a bookcase (mostly filled with manuals and textbooks), a noticeboard, several more screens placed about, and various piece of both tech and toys littered around. There's also a small back-room filled with bigger pieces of tech and equipment, file cabinets, and other things stuffed away in storage.

Floorplan of apartment 3D visualisation of apartment


Nov. 25th, 2012 07:10 am
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There are certain things that Topher almost always keeps with him.

Keys, and wallet, with money and IDs (including a few fake ones).
His smartphone, of course, with ear-plugs for music.
Small flashlight, matches, and a multitool. At least one pen.
A Romac-supplied weapon used for stunning attackers.

Several notebooks and plenty pens, pencils and markers.
Various portable equipment for rift monitoring.
Small first-aid kit.
Small portable tool set.
A change of clothes.
Thermos full of hot chocolate.
Several bags of crisps and nuts.
A warm blanket.
Handheld video games.
Travel chess set.
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I sent Fran Kranz -- the guy who plays Topher -- a Facebook message with a drawing, and asked him what Topher's bracelet says.

He just wrote me a detailed, explaining answer, not with what it says, but the backstory of it, the importance of it for Topher, and that we'll find out what it says in the final episode of the show.

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Adelle DeWitt: Probably the person he trusts the most, and the one who can hurt him deepest. She's his boss, but also functions as a mother-figure for him. He respects her, and she tolerates his childish ways. He usually finds her quite likable, but he's also the first to admit she can be quite scary. She cares deeply about him.

Boyd Langton: One of the handlers, and later Head of Security, that Topher is closest to and considers his "best man-friend". Boyd puts up with Topher, and Topher quite likes Boyd, even if he'll poke fun at him. Until recently.

Laurence Dominic: The former Head of Security, who greatly disapproved of Topher's joking nature. They were often at odds, and Topher considers him boring and annoying, and took joy in annoying him, though he has gained some respect for him.

Paul Ballard: They're not too crazy about each other, especially considering Topher had only said five words to him before Paul stun-gunned him, but they tolerate each other, even if there's a lot of disapproval from both sides.

Claire Saunders: One of the more complicated relationship he has. He calls her "Phantom" (her face is scarred, and she skulks) and has always found her a little creepy, but doesn't really dislike her, though she hates him. However, a lot of difficult memories are tied to her.

Alpha: In short: Topher is absolutely terrified by him. Alpha, however, has never hurt Topher, although he's had plenty of opportunity. Perhaps because Topher created Alpha, albeit accidentally.

Echo/Caroline Farrell: Probably the only and first doll that Topher has called his friend. She has helped him on many occasions, and he is quite grateful for it. He trusts her more than most.

Sierra/Priya Tsetsang: Topher was quite proud of "rescuing" her, and he feels terrible guilt over what happened to her, and the damage he caused. They get along alright, though.

Bennett Halverson: He greatly admires her genius, and has had a crush on her for ages, "even when [he] thought [she was] a dude". She's more or less perfect in his eyes, and he'll probably never be over her. He carries her necklace with him.

Ivy: His assistant, with whom he develops a friendship, as Ivy is one of the few people in the Dollhouse with a sense of humour, and likes Topher despite his condescending nature. They've built up a fair amount of mutual respect and trust.

Dr. Alexandra Rose: His first boss, Topher assisted her research in wiping dolls. She is the one who wrote his R Prime-Lab psychological profile.
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ID-no: N/A
Last Name: Brink
First Name: Christopher
Middle Name: N/A
Race/Sex: C/M
Date of Birth: 27/01/81
Height: 5'11
Weight: 134
Hair color: Middle blonde
Eye color: Blue
SSN: 569-85-3247
Birth State: CA
Generation: JR
City: Los Angeles
Zip: 90091
Age: 18
Scars Marks: Tattoo: NCC1701, left ankle.
Skin Tone: Beige
Military Service: N/A

Psychological profile:

Summary: Brink is a freewheeling experiencer with minor Asperger tendencies and major authority problems.

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Jan. 20th, 2005 02:09 am
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Hotel Cali

R 251209 -   22 Watson, Handy, Jack. Arriving, meeting and alienating Watson and others.
R 291209 -   12 Kara. Same day, mistaking Kara for Hotel. Making his first enemy.
R 291209 -   76 Handy. Long discussion in which Handy is nice, but morally judgmental a lot.
R 301209 -   69 Rose. Befriending Rose, getting library books, getting drunk the in games room.
C 311209 -     6 Watson. PM apologising his behaviour, and explaining the treatment thing.
R 080110 -   51 Kaylee. CafĂ© breakfast, Whac-A-Mole showdown, paper-wads war, drinking.
C 130110 -   45 Melchior, Gwen, Eric, Jack, Kaylee, Kurt, Veronica, Jason. Introductions.
R 150110 -   13 River, Kaylee. Greeting and explaining to River, then taking her to see Kaylee.
R 170110 -   10 Veronica. Geeking out and playing video games.
R 190110 -   15 River. Chatting a bit before having a food fight.
C 200110 -   13 Handy. PM regarding River and Bennett, and agreeing on a meet-up.
R 200110 - 253 Handy. Exploring the attic, dust allergies, joking, talking, sharing, chatting into the night.
R 200110 -   21 Jason. Meeting Jason, getting the list of hotel residents. Amusing homoerotic mix-up.
C 220110 -     3 River. Just checking up briefly.
R 040210 -     7 Melchior. Meeting in the chapel.
R 140210 -     8 Rose. Hallucinating, Alpha, blood, rats, panic. Rose tries to put sense back in him.
R 160210 -   89 Handy. EVENT: Blackout. Scared Topher goes to find Handy and find out what's up.
C 230210 -   14 Walter, Handy. Saying hello to Walter and agreeing to meet. Making internet jokes at Handy.
R 250210 -   ?? Walter. Walter stopping by with shortbread and coffee. Post deleted.
R 260210 -   13 Handy, Eric. EVENT: Blackout. The nerd patrol meets a vampire.
R 050310 -     4 Handy, Eric. EVENT: Blackout. Continued.

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